Swimming with sharks at Compass Cay
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It was not until one or two decades ago that sharks started ruling the sea of Compass Cay.

The sharks of Compass Cay are an endemic Bahamian wildlife known as Ginglymostoma Cirratum or Nurse sharks in everyday language. These sharks commonly roam the sea of Exuma but Compass Cay is not one of their resting spots.

This changed when the owner of Compass Cay Marina found these docile creatures and decided to bring them back to his island as pets. As years go by, the Compass Cay sharks are now the permanent residents of Compass Cay and its population keeps growing throughout the years. This unprecedented occasion in Exuma ends up attracting tourists from all over the world today.

Nurse sharks are often teased as Bahamian catfish due to their shape. These animals are known as bottom-feeders. They mostly rest on the bottom of the shallow water to suck sediment and critters from the sand. While fishing for food, nurse sharks squeal in a high-pitched noise. It resembles the word “Hurse”. This is probably why the locals address them as nurse sharks.

An adult nurse shark can weigh between 200 to 330 pounds at its peak and grow to be almost ten feet in length. The life expectancy of nurse sharks ranges from 20 – 25 years.

Every traveler who will plunge into the shark-infested water at Compass Cay Exuma must go through a safety briefing by locals to avoid unwanted incidents.


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