The story of the swimming with pigs Bahamas
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Legend has it that farmers in Staniel Cay used to care for their pig pens right outside of Staniel Cay Village. When the village people complained about the stench blowing into the village from the farm, farmers were forced to come up with a solution. The solution? Moving the pigs to the nearby island of Big Major( later know as Pig Island) where they would boat the food to the pigs daily at the same time every day. Soon, the pigs picked up the pattern; if they saw the boat, that mean their food was nearing. It wasn't before long the pigs began swimming to the boat to be the first one fed. The farmers knew they had struck tourist gold and soon the island was seeing mass amounts of visitors like never before.

One more popular story says the pigs were brought ashore by sailors as livestock. However, when a sudden storm approached, the sailors were forced to leave in a hurry and, therefore, leave the pigs on the island. It wasn't until years later the swimming pigs of Exuma attraction would be founded by locals of the nearby Staniel Cay village .

Whichever story you want to believe in, no one knows the true origin and new folktales are still being told every year about how the swimming pig Exuma got there .


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